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Felt (Custom Made)

Felt is made of fibres condensed together by high temperature or under great pressure. It is a biodegradable material widely used in many industries. Narrowing the focus to fashion industry, felt bag is well-received in Malaysia. The reason behind is simply due to its unrivalled features, far surpassing many other materials. To understand felt bag a little more, it has a fixed shape and has the ability to retain it over time. Moreover, it is highly absorbent where it can take up a significant amount of water without allowing them to pass through. It is also of clean cutting edge hence you can save your worries on having to bear with small tiny threads that usually came off at the edge. Another interesting feature of felt is that it can be easily dyed on by any colour, therefore providing you with an extensive list of colour choices to pick from for your felt bag. Relating felt bag to our local weather, it is a superior thermal insulator, keeping your items cool regardless of the temperature from the outside. Hence, it is appropriate to carry a felt bag in Malaysia of all year long burning summer. Find it hard to get a felt bag supplier? Just contact EcoFriend, a trusted felt bag supplier in Malaysia with custom made services available.