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Product Description
Code : B0037 / B0038
Item : Recycle Paperbag
Material : 175gsm Recycle Paper
Size (cm) : a) 28(w) x 33(h) x 10(d)
b) 30(w) x 40(h) x 10(d)
Size (inch) : a) 11(w) x 13(h) x 4(d)
b) 11.8(w) x 15.7(h) x 4(d)
Colours : Natural
Notes : Recycle paper, in simple explanation, means paper made with the use of fibre from waste paper. Instead of being a trash, waste paper in this way is processed and given a brand new life. Contrary to the conventional method of producing paper from the fibre of raw wood, recycle paper directly generates impacts in reducing the number of tree needed for paper manufacturing and saving up a considerable amount of energy consumptions. It is common to see the use of recycle paper in the packaging industry, thus it should not come as a surprise to stumble upon a recycle paper bag. As compared to plastic bag, recycle paper bag has a solid shape, thus it is more presentable. Needless to say, recycle paper bag which falls under the category of eco bag, is more environmental friendly when it is to be set side by side with plastic bag. The recycle paper bag from Ecofriend is either of plain natural colour or with interesting patterns printed. When it is of natural colour, it suits all occasions. If you are a creative one, you can always sketch on the surface, making it a unique one. Besides recycle paper bag, EcoFriend does also supply executive paper bag. The recycle paper bag differed from the other in terms of material where the former is made of 175gsm recycle paper while the latter is of thicker texture paper. Though it is made of thin material, this eco bag can uphold a maximum capacity of 2kg.
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