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Item : Felt Carrier Bag 1
Material : Felt
Size (cm) : 40 (w) x 40 (h) x 18 (d)
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Notes : Felt fabric is generally produced by condensing either natural fibres or artificial fibres. As for eco-friendly felt, polyester fibre from reprocessed plastic bottles is used instead. The distinctive characteristics of this material allow it to be widely seen in the eco bag manufacturing. Discussing on its outlook, felt bag is of a fixed shape and is highly resilient where it springs back to its designed shape even after it is compressed. This feature rescues thousands of ladies with the habit of stacking bags, who often turned bag out of shape by piling up one after another in the aim of saving storage space. Besides, felt bag also has a clean cutting edge, making it appears neat at all time. Among its other winning features are high fluid permeability and great thermal insulating nature. As a felt bag supplier in Malaysia, EcoFriend always place in great effort in designing our felt bag. As shown in the picture, our felt carrier bag 1 is a pink solid bag with white polka dots printed, comes along with a brown wooden-liked button before the handle. The retro style of this eco bag is perfect for a picnic at the park, or perhaps a casual shopping down the street. If you think pink is not your favourite, pick your preferred colour and customize it in EcoFriend, an established felt bag supplier in Malaysia.
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