Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1 :What if the product was damaged when I purchase it from one of your agents? 
 A1 :

No worries, you may return the bag to us by contacting us. We will return the same product to you with the condition that our Ecofriend logo is present on the products, it is made by Ecofriend and the causes of the damage is manufacturing faults.
 Q2 : Can I print my customised design on Ecofriend products?
 A2 : Yes, you can print your customised design on any of the Ecofriend products.
 Q3 : What types of printing that can be printed on the Ecofriend products?
 A3 : The types of printing are Silkscreen, Silkscreen Gold & Silver, Heat Transfer, Full Colours Print on PP Pocket, Full Colours Print on Non-Woven and Full Colours Printing with Lamination.
 Q4 : How to differentiate Ready Stock products and Custom Made products by names or product codes?
 A4 :

It's easy, you can easily differentiate both categories by its respective product codes.
Ready Stock's example product code : B0001 
Custom Mades example product code : (a) or SM 001
 Q5 : How can I become one of your agent?
 A5 :

We welcome you to become our agents. You may contact us at 1800 22 8838 (Toll Free Number) or email us through the contact us form on your enquiries.
 Q6 : Where can I purchase your products?
 A6 :

Our Eco-Friendly products are easily available from our authorised Exclusive Distributors and Agents. You may view on the Where to Buy page for more infos.
 Q7 : What should I do if my questions is not in this page?
 A7 :

Kindly contact us for any enquiries through our Toll Free Number, 1800 22 8838 or email us through the contact us form on your enquiries